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If you are looking for a new cool game to play today, so DoubleGames is just the place to find all of the new releases from the top game publishers for both Windows and MacOS. We release new download games every day and our vast catalogue of online games and free games is regularly renewed. Start playing new download and online games today!

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle Stash

Get fun animated Halloween decorations that will make your house look the best in town.

Nevertales: Hidden Doorway

You find out that your friend's spirit missing from his body! Where has it gone?

Grim Facade: The Red Cat Collector's Edition

Stop the Red Cat and uncover their true motives or you will become the next victim.

Dark Parables: The Thief and the Tinderbox

Your investigation takes you deep within forest where a dangerous artifact will be unearthed.

Harrowed Halls: Lakeview Lane Collector's Edition

You are in a race against time to uncover the truth behind what happened in your house.

Queen's Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past

Follow the intriguing investigation of a shapeshifter and discover the conspiracy.

Haunted Train: Clashing Worlds Collector's Edition

Climb aboard Charon's mystical train for another Haunted Train mystery!

Laruaville 5

Will you be able to help the ghosts build a new ship and come back home?

Haunted Hotel: Silent Waters

Can you uncover the hotel's secrets and escape before it's too late?

Amaranthine Voyage: Legacy of the Guardians Collector's Edition

Travel to the world of Arden and save it from destruction.

PuppetShow: Her Cruel Collection

You've been called in to investigate the disappearance of a young woman's fiancé.

Dark Romance: Curse of Bluebeard Collector's Edition

Can you help the young couple escape a dark fate before it's too late? 

Crime Secrets: Crimson Lily

Step into the shoes of a private detective and follow the trail to a dark past.

Weather Lord: Royal Holidays. Collector's Edition

Play as the hero and the villain as you compel the elements to do your bidding!

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