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Fisher's Family Farm

Fisher's Family Farm is a new Time Management game, where you meet a friendly and funny Fisher's Family. Your aim is to help Marissa Fisher to take care of her sea friends. They make various tasty items, that you must sell. Be watchful! There are a lot of greedy and spiteful predators, therefore you are to defend your lake from them. Be a real hero for Marissa's mummy and daddy in Fisher's Family Farm game, which you can download absolutely for free! Dive into the fascinating and fairy-tale world of the underwater flora and fauna!

Title - Fisher's Family Farm Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Discover Fisher's Family Farm, a Time Management game created by Alawar Entertainment. Dive into the fascinating and fairy-tale world of the underwater flora and fauna!
Fisher's Family Farm game
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Alawar Entertainment perfectly knows that time management genre is its cup of tea. That is why we regularly play its absolute new fast-paced game like today’s Fisher’s Family Farm, for example. But the adjective “new” perplex us a little bit as we cannot but note some resemblance with the outstanding Farm Frenzy series. Especially when we see the word “Farm” in this title it is really hard to be out of doubt... Read more

Begin your playing with dropping any prejudices about this title. To our surprise Fisher’s Family Farm turns out to be very addictive and the ideal way to spend one boring weekend morning. Though this game does look much like Farm Frenzy, and the prime object is very similar, this gameplay is not boring at all. Moreover, there a lot of new ideas, such as new funny animals and new functional features. Unlike Frenzy series, you can just click on your any buildings while they are producing goods to speed th process up. At first sight, it looks too trivial but when you start your way you will really appraise this feature.

For the graphics Fisher’s Family Farm is equal to its sibling games. Gorgeous artwork and cute marine characters create wonderful game atmosphere. The challenge part of this title is pretty good and always keeps you wondering about the next level. The music is not so annoying there, but even try to convey tropical mood. All in all, this is a fine addition to the time management library, however, the gameplay seems to us too short. Good!

14, December 2010


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