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Delicious - Emily's New Beginning Platinum Edition

Genre: Time Management

Delicious - Emily's New Beginning is here! Are you ready to welcome a new Delicious member? After living on a pink cloud for a while, Emily decides to reopen Emily's Place. However, with a baby to take care of, it proves to be challenging. Help Emily combine running her restaurant with being a good mom. Be the first to play Delicious - Emily's New Beginning!

Title - Delicious - Emily's New Beginning Platinum Edition Game Download for PC Description - Revel in Delicious - Emily's New Beginning Platinum Edition, a Time Management game published by Gamehouse. Help Emily combine running her restaurant with being a good mom.
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Addictive PC game under the title Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning came out in the end of last year and already managed to become one of the most played parts in this game series.  What’s so special about this Time Management adventure that everyone loves?.. Read more

First of all, let’s talk about the plot. Emily is a brave, laborious and sweet girl owns the little restaurant and has a quiet happy life. Recently Emily married Patrick, the boy from the flower shop, and now they have a baby - little girl Paige. Will Emily survive all this routine? Will she be able to keep managing the restaurant, serving customers and raising a child? You join her on this tough journey, help with everything and this is what this pc game consists of.

By the way, can you name at least one more Time Management game that has such a solid story? Delicious series already has like ten parts and every single one of them is unique and sometimes even innovative. There are always new characters, new storylines and twists. This is why people are glued to this series and always wait for a new part.

As for gameplay, hardcore Delicious gamers will immediately get hang of Emily’s New Beginning.  Levels are not difficult, though they have some challenges. Gladly you can choose from three modes: beginner, casual and advanced. The main goal in every level is to reach the required amount of money by serving the clients in the restaurant. Complete the task and then you will be rewarded with tokens and upgrades.

Just like all the previous games it has pretty and colourful graphics, all the characters are drawn in the cutest way. This game doesn’t have voiceovers, but smart dialogs between the characters really keep us entertained.

We would totally give 5 out of 5 stars to Delicious: Emily’s New Beginning. Don’t hesitate and download this computer game asap. Good luck!

11, April 2015


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