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  • Play totally for free.
  • Breeding Lab that gives you the chance to breed rare animals
  • The Animal Nursery helps you raise animals from babies to full adults.
  • Build exciting attractions and stalls for your visitors to enjoy.
  • Customize and expand their zoos by adding special animal habitats, concession stands, and decorations
Have you ever dreamed of starting your own zoo without the hassle of leaving your home? Then this free-to-play browser game may be able to help you realize your zoo keeping fantasies. ZooMumba is an online simulation game that puts you in charge of your own zoo. Purchase and care for exotic, exciting and adorable animals from all over the world. Take care of roaring tigers, galloping zebras, colorful birds, and more! In the browser-based web game ZooMumba, your mission is to construct and expand a successful, popular and fun zoo. The more visitors your zoo has, the more your “Zoo-O-Meter” will rise, bringing you extra rewards and special recognition in the ZooMumba community. The best way to attract new visitors is by having a large selection of exotic animals, which need to be purchased from the zoo store. You can keep large elephants, fierce lions, waddling penguins, roaring tigers, beautiful butterflies, llamas, koalas, giraffes, bears, monkeys and more in your zoo! The game is regularly updated with new animals for purchase from all corners of the world. The most important thing is to take good care of your animals by regularly feeding and washing them, and ensuring they stay happy. Happy animals. The browser game ZooMumba is published by Bigpoint (Farmerama) and has been online since September 2010.


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