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If you want to create your own site with online Flash games or you would like to make your existing site more fun by adding Flash games into it, you can easily put games on your website!

You can either download the games from our website and upload it to yours so that the links will be yours (i.e., or to refer the games from our website (like

We've gathered for you our full catalog of free online games that can be added to a website. You can download this games archive at once and use it. The archive includes all necessary files for games:

- SWF-file of online game,

- 100x100 game icon in GIF fromat,

- 3 game screenshots in JPG format (640x480),

- game description in English.

To get HTML code for the game you'd like to add to your site, simply choose that game and cut&paste HTML code.

Attention: You may only use the Flash games AS IS, the modifications of SWF files is not allowed under any circumstances.