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There is a famous proverb: time is money! Time management games teach you how to spend your time more productively. Every second you have to do some action. Usually these games are based on some real activity, like managing your company, farm, restaurant or factory. Tamagotchi style games also belong to this genre of games. Think fast, move neatly and you will win your enemies anytime and anywhere! If that’s what you want, don’t hesitate and start playing! Play online or download for free and enjoy the best time management games on our site.

Claire's Cruisin' Café. Collector's Edition

Set off on a cross-country journey to feed the famished masses! Guide an aspiring super chef nam...
Time Management
10, January

New Yankee 9 The Evil Spellbook

Travel back to the days of King Arthur to defeat an evil spell book with plans to claim Camelot a...
Time Management
18, November

Baking Bustle

Bake up a storm on an epic cooking adventure that spans the world of food! Join Ashley and Scott as they tackle the culina...
Time Management
16, November

Hermes 3 Sibyls Prophecy

According to the yellowed pages of an ancient prophecy, the Olympian gods are destined to someday lose their immortality. ...
Time Management
15, November

Baking Bustle Collector's Edition

Bake up a storm on an epic cooking adventure that spans the world of food!
Time Management
9, November

Roads of Time: Odyssey

They quickly learn that a mysterious scientist is changing history, and he's already way ahead of them. Can you help them catch up and save history itself?
Time Management
19, October

Roads of Rome: New Generation III

Rome continues to flourish, and their Gaul allies look to expand trade relations by building more roads to far-away borders.
Time Management
12, October

Alice's Wonderland 4: Festive Craze Collector's Edition

Can you help Alice reunite Wonderland in celebration? Find out in this festive new time-management game!
Time Management
11, October

Hermes: Sibyls' Prophecy Collector's Edition

An ancient prophecy foretells of a day when the gods will fall, and signs that the time has arrived are sweeping the land.

Crown Of The Empire: Around The World

Unlike her sister, Elena never dreamed of elegant weddings or luxurious clothes.
Time Management
28, September