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Eternal Fury
A strategic turn-based RPG in Html5 that combines SLG action and classic interactions.

Adam and Eve: Cut the Ropes
Play all 60 levels full of fun puzzles. Enjoy this great game.

Adam and Eve 5 Part 1
Help Adam to find his true love, once again ;)
11, June /Adventure

Hotel Hideaway
Jump into the world of Hotel Hideaway: a social online 3D role playing game full of opportunities to meet new people and make new friends.

Adam and Eve 5 Part 2
Help Adam to find his true love, once again ;) Part 2
7, June /Adventure

Adam and Eve 6
Help Adam to find his true love, once again ;
4, June /Adventure


Renown takes the most enjoyable and popular aspects from contemporary open-world survival games which include Building, Progression and Social...

Can you feel it? The majestic vastness of the universe, space and a one-of-a-kind infinite world.

ANVIL is a multiplayer co-op top-down sci-fi roguelike action shooter
19, April /Shooter

The World War II Card Game, combines traditional CCG gameplay with innovative mechanics inspired by classic strategy games and real battlefield...
14, April /

A turned based card game RPG where you will use scrolls in the game that they have selected to cast powerful spells on their allies or opponents.
8, April /RPG

Battle For The Galaxy
Battle for the Galaxy is a freemium cross-platform MMO strategy video game.

Deadhaus Sonata
Deadhaus Sonata is a Narrative Driven Action RPG where you play the Undead fighting the living.
13, March /RPG

Emberlight is a true rogue lite dungeon crawler, set in a world where the Gods have given you a great gift - and a great curse.
10, March /RPG

Wild Terra 2: New Lands
MMORPG full of logically interconnected worked out little things that create a unique immersion and the spirit of adventure!
7, March /RPG

Dual Universe
Dual Universe is a sci-fi MMORPG that takes place in a continuous, single-shard world shared by all players.
4, March /RPG


Midnight Calling: Anabel Collector's Edition

Midnight Castle free to play is one of the most downloadable and most popular games in the industry. Mad...

9, October
Witches' Legacy: The Ties That Bind Collector's Edition

Withches’ Legacy casual games series made by Elefun Games tells us a love story of Edward, the wit...

8, October

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