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Dark Strokes: The Legend of Snow Kingdom. Collector's Edition game

Dark Strokes: The Legend of Snow Kingdom. Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Inspired by the timeless tales of the Brothers Grimm, "Dark Strokes: The Legend of the Snow Kingdom" offers an experience rich with magic and wonder. From its breathtaking opening scene, in which a hunter saves a princess from an uncertain fate at the hands of a Snow Knight, to its stunning conclusion, "Dark Strokes 2" will captivate you with a world abounding in beauty and detail, puzzles and mini-games unlike any you have solved, and a story of unprecedented depth.

Guide the hunter as he seeks to save his beloved from a warlock who's kidnapped her and cast an icy spell over a once glorious kingdom, search for and find cleverly hidden clues and objects, and uncover the truth about a tree with leaves of gold that holds a startling secret!

Once you complete the main scenario, your adventure will be far from over, as you'll unlock a bonus episode that delves even deeper into the mystery of the Snow Kingdom, desktop wallpapers, production sketches, character art, a downloadable soundtrack, and more! Enter the enchanted realm of the Snow Kingdom and begin your journey today!




Dark Strokes is a well known franchise and we were so incredibly happy when its creators - Alawar Friday’s Games – came up with a brand new great sequel. Welcome to Dark Strokes: The Legend of Snow Kingdom, a game that offers us a lot to appreciate... Read more

First of all we should say this game is very different from the previous. There’s an absolutely new storyline not connected to the first part. You have to save the little girl who was about to save the Kingdom from the curse but suddenly was trapped in a mysterious snow globe. Together you will uncover old secrets and trying to escape. This sequel is not creepy, it’s fantasy-themed and like it or not – you’ll get hooked to this free downloadable pc/mac game immediately.

Gameplay is very addictive. Hidden Object scenes are very different from each other and come in all possible formats: reassemble items, interactive, fragmented objects and standard. As for puzzles they come in 2 modes: the main ones and mini-puzzles that you can finish in like 3 seconds.

As soon as you start playing you will notice the big improvement in visual representation. Graphics got brighter and clearer, images are just stunning and very lively. Locations are detailed and hidden object scenes are very crisp and sharp, and you don’t need to zoom in order to find and pick up the item. Music is very pleasant to your ears. Developers did a great job with game’s soundtrack, sound effects and with voice-overs as well.

Overall it took us almost 4 hours to complete the challenge. So if you have some free hours that you don’t mind spending playing great pc game with no registration then Dark Strokes: The Legend of Snow Kingdom is exactly what you need.