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If you are looking for a new cool game to play today, so DoubleGames is just the place to find all of the new releases from the top game publishers for both Windows and MacOS. We release new download games every day and our vast catalogue of online games and free games is regularly renewed. Start playing new download and online games today!


Become a weapon that can save the world from the most dangerous alien form you've ever seen!

Valnir Rok Survival RPG

Survive on the mysterious island and gather a clan of warriors to rule it according to your play style.


Start from basic mechanisms and grow your plant into a full-blown factory.

Project 5: Sightseer

Establish your mining base and upgrade it to an almighty and secure HQ.

For Honor

Earn the reputation of a skillful and hardline warrior.

Eden Star

Arrive at a distant planet and fight for your survival with local vicious creatures.

Far Cry 2

Genre-defined first-person shooter that introduces the open world and total environment destruction!

Sky Noon

Nail your perfect shot in an original Western FPS where you don't need bullets.

Out of Reach

Become a pirate or prolific and creative constructor on a private server.


Step into the secluded Mars facility and wipe off all these limbs of the hell!

Double Action Boogaloo

Shoot down gamers in multiplayer with style and stunts!

Farming Simulator 2019

Enjoy farmery in an expanded and overhauled farming sim from well-established developers supported by the fruitful modding community.

Tower Unite

Play at this game if you got bored with every other game in your library!

Fallout 76

Play through the improved and varied quests in a multiplayer-based sequel of a famous game series.