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Where Angels Cry game

Where Angels Cry

Genre: Hidden Object

New fantastic Hidden Object adventure under the title Where Angels Cry from the Cateria Games developers is coming soon for PC and Mac! Unfortunately, there is no much information about the main storyline or possible events, but it is for sure that you will have to investigate another mysterious place and reveal the terrifying truth. Not enough to get interested yet, but we can already tell you that Where Angels Cry is worth waiting. Stay tuned, don't miss your chance to enjoy it!

If you need help in solving a certain puzzle or finding a quest item, you can download for free our strategy guide for Where Angels Cry. Get a detailed walkthrough on how to complete all levels without missing a single secret option of the game absolutelly for free!



If you ever had a wish to go around a spooky and remote monastery and investigate scary secrets, this might be your only chance to do so! This Hidden Object game comes from a relatively unknown game developers called Cateia Games, but in spite of not being so famous, they tried very hard to make Where Angels Cry a pretty decent game. If you are up for an adventure, and you like solving logic puzzles and finding hidden objects in various places, then this game might be exactly what you are looking for! Read the whole review, and you will find out if the game is worth downloading and playing!.. Read more

What comes first into anyone’s mind when deciding whether to purchase the full version of the game, or just download and play the free trial version, is the plot of the game. So, in this single player Hidden Object/Puzzle/Adventure game called Where Angels Cry, the storyline is as follows: Some rather strange happenings take place in a remote ancient monastery, situated very high in the Alps. Monks and priests are vanishing mysteriously without a clue, strange persons can be often seen running through the dark hallways of the monastery and there are even reports that an old statue in the village centre is crying the tears of blood! A Vatican Cardinal has given you a task to travel to the monastery, doing it undercover, to unravel the secret lying behind these bizarre circumstances. Your obligation is to reveal the scary secrets of the monastery, and priests who live there in solitude, defeating the evil forces that have taken over the monastery and restoring that place to the peace that was once so famous for. An interesting storyline, you must admit! Unfortunately, it seems that this potential which lies in the plot is one of few good things about this game.

If you download and play the game, you won’t get too satisfied by the gameplay. Even though this game is said to be a Hidden Object game, it leans towards Puzzle and Adventure genre more. There are no classic Hidden Objects scenes, but there are many mini-games that are in the form of common puzzles, which won’t really trouble you, and won’t give you a headache when you try to solve them. The game itself is not too easy, but it is so boring at the moments, that you just want to skip some games. Where Angels Cry is a very short game, and probably won’t satisfy most players, maybe only the inexperienced ones. There are three difficulty modes, there are hints, a map, a journal, but none of it makes the game more playable, unfortunately.

Another feature that you might be really disappointed by is the graphics. Looking at other Hidden Object/Puzzle/Adventure games, you’ll notice some average or above-average graphics, but this game’s graphics seems so outdated that it is a real eyesore sometimes. There are far too many 3D objects that look like they had been multiplied and that are standing there for no reason. Animations are virtually non-existent after the first five or ten minutes of in-game experiences. The intro scene is great, one must admit, but other cut-scenes are rather long and not really interesting. Character models in general are terrible, they are static, and no action seems to affect them, which is a major problem in the game.

On the other hand, the feature that is a bright spot to this game, besides a rather interesting storyline, is music. The music and the sound effects in Where Angels Cry are really original, and if they must be compared, they sound a bit like the soundtrack from the famous movie series Harry Potter. Voice over is really good, but the bad thing about it is the writing, because the dialogue is very unnatural, forced in a way, full of strange words, probably put there to make it look like it was in Medieval Age, but actually just sounds funny and weird.

Unfortunately, sometimes games that have a lot of potential just don’t reach the heights they’ve been aiming at, and this seems to be the case with Where Angels Cry. Although there are some good features, like the original storyline and the music, major problems in graphics and gameplay are enough to turn this game into an average Hidden Object/Puzzle/Adventure game that hasn’t got much to offer or enough to compete with other games on the market. However, you can download the free trial of this game and try it yourself, and if you really like it, you can purchase the full version and play it as much as you want. But be warned, this game is not the best that this game genre can offer!