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The Saint: Abyss of Despair game

The Saint: Abyss of Despair

Genre: Hidden Object

Did you ever have to cast out the demons from the bodies of the innocent people? You will have this chance in new creepy and fascinating Hidden Object game under the title The Saint: Abyss of Despair! Help your brother to save his daughter from demon. Being a priest in the past, you have to remember all your skills and set free the poor girl from evil forces. Are you ready for this challenge?




Would you like to visit the most exotic continent in the world? Now, you do not need to buy an expensive tickets. Moreover, you will not suffer from fear of flying (if you are taking an airplane) or seasickness (if you are taking a ship). All that you need is to check out the new game named The Saint: Abyss of Despair. This game was thoroughly developed by Happy Artist studios. You will find some exotic places there, for sure.  Also, some mysterious areas are included. This game has everything to keep you plunged until the very end! Let us describe this title in detail... Read more

To be honest, the plot is absolutely captivating. You are offered to follow the footsteps of a former serviceman. Your character took part in the war in Algeria. There, at the battlefield, he experienced something that stands beyond his understanding. He was badly wounded, but he survived. The Bible, that he had carried in the pocket, caught all the pieces of a shrapnel that was meant to burst his heart. He supposed it to be a sign given by the Lord. Soon after that, the main character decided to change everything and start a new life under the guise of religion. He obtained a nickname, The Saint, after he devoted his life to God. Despite the fact that he has left behind the past, his alias still follows him. He is not a priest anymore. However, the power of his belief will be tested during the one important mission. He must travel to Africa and save a cousin’s daughter. The cousin summoned up The Saint and asked for a help. The cousin’s wife has died from African fever. Later, the daughter began to behave herself in a strange way. The cousin considers her to be possessed by a Devil. Only The Saint is able to carry out the devotion of an exorcism. However, it is not that easy as it may seem to be! Nobody knows The Saint’s secret. He is sure the evil has built its nest inside him! Now, The Saint must struggle with the inner demons as well. What does it take to cope with this situation? The answer is in the game. You will experience it by yourself. It is up to you to guide The Saint within the shocking areas. Unfortunately, there is no map. So, you should rely on your intuition only. The gameplay is based on the standard Hidden Object scheme: you are given an inventory, journal and some other means that provides a good assistance during your searching. You need to find the definite items that are hidden very well. In addition to that, you must complete some quests that will be given to you by secondary characters. Moreover, one scene requires to assemble your own voodoo doll. By the way, the voodoo worshipers play a very important role in the story! So, be attentive and do not give them a chance to have an influence on you. The game places a high emphasis on an Adventure line in comparison with the other games of the same genre. It is the biggest advantage of the game. The Puzzles are also presented. They are quite unique and difficult. We can say even the experts will be amused. These riddles are not cracking easily.

The visual aspect is completely perfect! The scenes are picturesque and quite realistic. The lightning carries the duty and creates an eerie atmosphere. Concerning the sound effects we can say that everything is great. The background music will keep you alert and spellbound at the same time.

If you are skeptical about the casual games, you should try The Saint: Abyss of Despair! This title is the perfect example of an outstanding Adventure game! This title is definitely worth to become familiar with!