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Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows game

Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows

Genre: Hidden Object

Plunge into the new mysterious Hidden Object game under the title Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows. You are going to find out what happened with William van der Decken and his wife Isabelle. One day they just disappeared and eventually the captain was found dead in pirate dress which was really strange because during all his life he fought against pirates. Numerous hazardous adventures are awaiting you as you will be solving the mystery of captain's death. Start this pirate adventure immediately by downloading the enthralling Hidden Object game Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows right now and totally for free.

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“Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest, Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!” If you are familiar with these lines, it means that you, probably, are fond of a Pirate theme. If so, the new Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows thoroughly developed by YoudaGames is the best choice for you to play at. The secrets of the pirates wait for revealing so, get ready for a sea adventure! Ahoy!.. Read more

The beginning of the game contains an introduction into the preceding events that had taken a place at the Dutch coast. The described events became a part of a local folklore spreading by word of mouth. William van der Decken and his lovely wife, Isabelle will be presented to you. Being married, they lived together in the coastal castle. William was most famous for his implacable struggle against the sea robbers. Everything was marvelous until the day when Isabelle went missing. Her husband lost sleep about it. Without having a strength to endure the torture of obscurity any longer, William set out in search of Isabelle. He never returned. Later, his dead body was washed ashore. The village people were shocked because of his look. Sir van der Decken was hardly recognizable with pirate’s clothes on. Something was wrong with this situation. It was difficult to believe that a steadfast spirit of William split weak and he became the one he hated most of all – the pirate. The task of your playable character is to shed the light on this story and find out what actually had happened with William’s wife. You will have to communicate with the numerous ghosts and get the clue in exchange for completing their requests. Also, you must pave the way to the Deckens’ residence – the castle. And, finally, visit the legendary ship named Batavia. William was a captain of this vessel that arouses fear in pirates. There are many useful things for you for sure! You should refer to the map in order to ascertain your current whereabouts. Also, this tool is able to provide you with the quickest transfer to any place in the game. It is very useful. Be ready for a plenty of the hidden object scenes. They want you to search for the hidden items for the subsequent interaction with surrounding objects, such as door locks, various mechanisms and incomplete puzzles. The Puzzle section represented in riddles and mini-games. Their difficulty increase from one to another. The most interesting feature of the Legacy Tales is coins hunting. The golden coins are carefully recondite to puzzle your eyes over searching for them. Coins are extremely important in some quests. So, there is no other way, but locating all of them.

It is better to see the graphics of the Legacy Tales once than hear about it hundred times! The incredibly detailed locations are supported by lively cutscenes. The visual effects are eye-catching and well executed. The same is true for the sound effects. Everything is done in a proper way. The voiceovers are perfectly acted. It is a rare thing to hear the voice that really suits the character. The visuals and sound effects get the well-deserved appreciation.

Due to the enigmatic background, the stories about pirates will never get old. Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows shows the best correlation with such stories. The interesting plotline and perfect sound and visual effects are made to deliver the spirit and romanticism of pirates’ way of life. If you are in a desperate need of experiencing the fascinating adventure, give this game a chance to entertain you! You will not be disappointed.