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Lines game


Lines is a popular and well known game. The version of the game presented on our site includes several differences and add...

Chess game


Chess is a recreational and competitive board game played between two players. Compete with other players and show what you can do!

Dominos (Donkey) game

Dominos (Donkey)

Dominos is an ancient game, which is also popular today among people of all ages. When you have never played this game, you should certainly do it....

Dominos (Goat) game

Dominos (Goat)

There are a variety of types of domino sets in use all over the world and a great number of games that can be played with them.

Durak Passing game

Durak Passing

We are happy to present you one of the most popular card games in Russia - Durak passing!

Durak Pile-up game

Durak Pile-up

If the Defender does not press "take" then other players cannot give more cards than the defender has; however if the Defender chooses to...

Durak Throw-in game

Durak Throw-in

We are happy to present you one of the most popular card games in Russia - Durak throw-in! It is a very addictive card game, where many gamers can...

Gomocu game


The game is played by two players. The playing field is a regular piece of paper with little squares (often used in schools). The goal of the game...

Pull Eight Ball game

Pull Eight Ball

There are 16 balls in the game Pull Eight Ball, one player has numbers 1 to 7, and the other player has numbers 9-16.

Rock-Paper-Scissors game


Rock-paper-scissors is a popular two-person hand game. The game is often used as a selection method in a similar way to coin flipping, drawing...