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Dark Romance: The Ethereal Gardens

You want more than just vengeance when you find that you need her wings to revive him.
Hidden Object
5, October

Worlds Align: Beginning Collector's Edition

When the worlds of Haunted Legends, PuppetShow, and others begin to fuse, some familiar faces come together to bring someone from the real world into the game world to help.
Hidden Object
4, October

Memoirs of Murder: Behind the Scenes

What starts out as a fun vacation to a true crime film set turns disastrous when Aaron’s cousin Kevin is accused of murdering the lead actress.
Hidden Object
30, September

Wanderlust: Shadow of the Monolith Collector's Edition

Everything’s set for you to discuss your latest discoveries, until your brother is kidnapped by a dangerous group bent on cracking the meaning of a monolith and its untold power!
Hidden Object
29, September

Grim Tales: Guest From The Future

Your teenage daughter Alice needs your expertise to uncover the source of a tragedy that threatens to end the Gray family line forever!
Hidden Object
28, September

Paranormal Files: The Hook Man's Legend Collector's Edition

News of your paranormal investigation prowess is spreading! A young woman calls you from Ashen Valley, a town you can only find on one map.
Hidden Object
26, September

Legacy: Witch Island Origin

After finding a strange watch along a wooded trail, you and your sister could never have imagined the kind of trouble it would bring.
Hidden Object
24, September

Darkness and Flame: Enemy in Reflection Collector's Edition

Something wasn’t right when Alice woke up from a dream that felt all too real.
Hidden Object
22, September

Mystery Case Files: Moths to a Flame

When a new assignment brings you to the Zenith Museum of Oddities, what was supposed to be an open and shut case spirals into a complex web of deceit.
Hidden Object
21, September

Dark Parables: Portrait of the Stained Princess Collector's Edition

When a young apprentice goes missing in search of a cursed painting, you rush to investigate.
Hidden Object
20, September



Laruaville 5

Expires in 1571900400

Surface: Return to Another World

Expires in 28 Oct 2019


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