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Amanda Rose: The Game of Time game

Amanda Rose: The Game of Time

Genre: Hidden Object

Amanda Rose has seen off her father leaving for a secret mission. But just a little time later his plane suffers a crash and Amanda's father disappears mysteriously! This is the beginning of the storyline, where you'll get involved, if you start playing Amanda Rose: The Game of Time. In the course of the game you'll face lots of unexpected events and inexplicable phenomena. One of them is that a strange machine throws Amanda and you back in time! What can happen outside the present? You'll learn just as you download Amanda Rose: The Game of Time absolutely for free!




Amanda Rose: The Game of Time is another hidden object adventure from Alawar Entertainment that has you playing as a young girl looking for her vanished father. Traveling back in time, exploring lots of hidden object scenes and solving mini-games are those chores which wait for you there... Read more

The great part of Amanda Rose: The Game of Time belongs to hidden object puzzles, though most of them have different presentation. There are plenty of jigsaws, sliders, match-three and other traditional puzzles in this game. Nevertheless, all puzzles suit to the theme very well. None of these puzzles looks awkward there but rather straightforward. Still if you become stuck on any task there is a skip button that helps you avoid frustration. Also, there is a help button that will always tell what do next.

Unfortunately, the 3D graphics feels old-fashioned there, while the hidden items are very well drawn. However, many of these items are tiny and put into too dark places. So this hint button can be used there more than once. To our mind the problem is that the developer uses a lot of grey and earth colors which make backgrounds very blurry. Fortunately, the music and sound effects are bearable and perfectly fit the game atmosphere.

Sadly, the last scene of Amanda Rose: The Game of Time is abrupt and it feels like there should have been a little more plot to make it complete. Overall, this is a fine title for seasoned hidden object players. But connoisseurs of adventure games will find it too primitive and unsophisticated.