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Amaranthine Voyage: The Living Mountain Collector's Edition game

Amaranthine Voyage: The Living Mountain Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

A brilliant but misunderstood professor, you've been to the Tree of Life, and lived to tell about it. Only no one will believe you. Your students have even begun to make fun of you… Until an elderly gentleman shows up at your door, and your whole life changes once again. Are the Three Stones really a portal to another world? Find that out and more as you follow your colleague's trail to track down the truth of his strange disappearance. Explore beautiful, strange worlds, and watch out for surprising twists that will leave you wondering. If the tiara fits…




Eipix Entertainment is one of those game studios that always know how to create a perfect game. Amaranthine Voyage is one of the most popular games series in the world and each time these games just get better and better. The Living Legends was the second installment and now we’re gonna prove why this is a must play game... Read more

This free fun pc/mac game continues from where the first part ended. You have just saved the world and now some old man is seeking for your help. Turns out his son suddenly disappeared through the portal to another world. As you may have already guessed this is a fantasy game so expect a lot of magic and a light-hearted storyline. The plot isn’t much intriguing or extremely original but interesting enough to attract the attention. So are the visual effects – they have improved a lot since the first game. They are more beautiful and quality now, all the locations are pretty and light, clear and just stunning especially the nature scenes. We wish the animations were smoother and not static, but overall graphics are very outstanding. Music and soundtracks are calm and relaxing, fit the mood and aren’t annoying.

All in all this is a typical and standard hidden object game, very creative and original. The best feature here is an interactive map, that’s also probably the best designed in the industry. Puzzles are fun to play even though some of them are sort of old school. Hidden object scenes come in different modes and the option to switch between bubble shooter mode and hidden object mode.

If you will be lucky enough and get the Collectors Edition of this top game, then you’ll see how perfect it is. It contains pretty much everything the gamers could ask for – a decent Bonus chapter, soundtracks, mini-games, extra puzzles and more. You won’t regret playing Amaranthine Voyage: The Living Mountain. Download free pc game without registration and have a lot of fun.