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Ancient Spirits - Colombus' Legacy

Genre: Hidden Object

The past is full of strange events that remain unclear up to this date. The story of Ancient Spirits - Columbus' Legacy from focuses on one of these events that have been never discussed before. So, the fans of hidden object adventure games should prepare themselves to a groovy thriller which dives them into realm of intriguing riddles and puzzles. According to mysterious ghost story, the game begins with an odd find. Playing as Virginia, an illustrious archeologist, you discover a 500 year-old galleon of the very Christopher Columbus who struck us with his outstanding discoveries. Strange as it may seem the ship, which has vanished without leaving a trace many centuries ago, appears on the beach looking like it was abandoned only yesterday. In Ancient Spirits - Columbus' Legacy, explore this ship carefully and reveal the mysterious circumstances of its disappearance.

Title - Ancient Spirits - Colombus' Legacy Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Get delighted with Ancient Spirits - Colombus' Legacy, a Hidden Object game projected by Cerasus Media. Explore this ship carefully and reveal the mysterious circumstances of its disappearance!
Ancient Spirits - Colombus' Legacy game



Are you doubt about your vigilance? Ancient Spirits: Columbus’ Legacy is a good way to check your eyesight and other skills. Cerasus Media, the developers of a just released hidden object game, offers you to clear up the secret of Christopher Columbus’ lost ship... Read more

Ancient Spirits: Columbus’ Legacy is a pure hidden object title with a fast-paced gameplay, many scenes to investigate and the occasional riddles to solve. The game is executed in photo-realistic style, rather reminiscent of cartoonish one, and though items can be a bit vague and unclear as a result, the levels are typically neat that it is not a great problem. In fact, the whole thing there tends to be on the easy side of the hidden object difficulty mode. However, it is not a simple walk in the park, but quite challenging point-and-click experience.

Ancient Spirits: Columbus’ Legacy takes you just three hours to complete, still it is a solid game. The object searches involves more variety than ordinary hidden object titles do. Written descriptions for items are really requires more searching efforts than just primitive silhouetted images. The puzzles are not numerous there and, aside from one tricky math riddle, they are all pretty easy but surprisingly pleasant to solve. The usual skip button is at your service there but you do not find yourself needing to use it.

The great spin on the gameplay is a “scrolling” option that let you scroll left and right with the mouse to see the entire scene. The only complaint is that the whole game is fairly standard: cartoonish hand-drawn graphics and simple puzzles. All in all, it is rather interesting to try.   



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