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Artist Colony

Genre: Time Management

Try to revive the Artist Colony. In this new Time Management game you have to attract new artists, develop their talents and provide them with everything they need to create and to be happy! You can sell the masterpieces and invest this money to build and enlarge your colony. Create the dancers, sculptors, painters and singers. And don’t forget about the relationships between the Artist Colony’s inhabitants! You will be certainly pleased with this sim game and with neat graphics and funny music effects!

Title - Artist Colony Game Download for PC Description - Get Artist Colony, a Time Management game made by Nikitova. Attract new artists, develop their talents and provide them with everything they need!
Artist Colony game



Artist Colony, a new casual game by Nikitova, has you running an inherited refuge for aspiring artsy types, including painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers and photographers. According to the description the new title promises to be all-absorbing and gratifying twist on the simulation genre. But let us put everything right and express our own view... Read more

Tasks, in this game, range from the servant (clean away leaves or snow) to the important (restore and upgrade key structures) to the beneficial (sell pieces of art, or performances, to visitors for cash). And all three are interconnected. For example, you might not be able to enter the sculptor’s studio if it’s blocked by debris, and you won’t be able to upgrade the musician’s studio unless you have enough money to do so (earned by selling works or putting on performances).

Unlike some other simulation issues, Artists Colony does not keep playing even after you’ve turned the game off. So you won’t find any nasty surprises waiting for you - like deceased characters - if you don’t boot up the game for a couple of days. The game’s pace is adjustable, and you can stop the action at any time by hitting the Escape key.

Even so, Artists Colony is far from being a masterpiece. For one, while the interface works for the most part, allowing you to quickly see the needs and whereabouts of each character, there is trouble finding the inspirational items (e.g. flower bunches) on the map, so you might find yourself dragging a character around for a while before finding it. A hot button to show you where these always-moving items are would have been a good idea. Secondly, the game only has one mode and doesn’t let more than one person play at the same time.

Overall, this surprisingly deep and enjoyable game is well worth your time especially if you’re a fan of simulations. The unique concept is well-designed and successfully executed, and should provide many engaging hours of fun.



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