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Atlantic Journey: The Lost Brother game

Atlantic Journey: The Lost Brother

Genre: Hidden Object

Join Mia and her uncle and help them find Mia's lost brother Jack! Enjoy this incredible and dangerous adventure Atlantic Journey: The Lost Brother! Explore beautiful scenes while traveling across the continents and solve the challenging puzzles! Overcome all obstacles and bring Jack home, who knows, maybe you will also find a secret that could save all of humanity! Hurry up and download totally for free this amazing game Atlantic Journey: The Lost Brother and save the day! Good luck!




If you choose Atlantic Journey: The Lost Brother, a new Hidden Object game from VOSTORG, to make your rainy days a little less boring, you might be really disappointed. Do not expect to see or try there anything unique as this storyline, artwork and gameplay have been already used many times. .. Read more

Firstly, this lighthearted cartoon artwork appeals to us very much because this is a good change after all those gloomy titles. As you step into this story you realize immediately that the plot of Atlantic Journey: The Lost Brother is rather shabby. The developers came up with the same old idea of an “amazing” global search across different continents. By the way, so-called “gorgeous” scenes and “clever” puzzles also come with this installment.

These mini-games and puzzles have been already done before so you won’t have any problems to complete them all without using any hints or tips. Thanks to clear graphics the Hidden Object scenes look there quite good but some pieces of the objects are too small find. Fortunately, there are no penalties for random clicks! However, tiny items cannot be by any means challenging. That is a cheesy trick to make a game just a bit harder.

As for the artwork in Atlantic Journey: The Lost Brother, yes, that is rather crisp but extremely sporty. The scenes are as covers of patchwork, which are famous for their odd set of vulgar colors. There are no voice-overs, the music is as boring as the overall gameplay.   

Well, you can easily ignore this installment as this is so repetitive of others games. Hope you have more interesting things to do! Good luck!