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Aztec Tribe: New Land game

Aztec Tribe: New Land

Genre: Time Management

A former prosperous and happy tribe of the Aztecs suffers a great misfortune! Don't leave your people in a trouble and do your best to start new daylight! Play free download game Aztec Tribe: New Land of Time Management category and discover a new land for the unbelievable happiness! Turn over a new leaf and make another turn of your tribe's days! Start in a small way and develop your territory into one of the most bonanza settlements! Aztec Tribe: New Land game reveals your leader's qualities!




Azrec Tribe: New Land is a new title from Merry Pen Games that was born at the interface of two game genres: time management and building game. Between building and upgrading houses, you will help a settlement begin a new life in far faraway land. It is a nice game that may entertain you only when you want it... Read more

This mixture game has you constructing and constructing again and again. This gameplay mainly revolves around building and branching out. Due to inflexible play the aims of each level doesn’t let you create much. As a result Azrec Tribe: New Land is not an extremely difficult game that would somehow try your best time management or building skills. It takes an hour of playing or so before a real game challenge turns on but it happens actually by the end of core gameplay. So, you mustn’t expect a super building or management challenge there.

Involving only three dozen levels, Aztec Tribe: New Land can still boast of its good gameplay length. It is annoying that new buildings are given very slowly, mainly in the latter part of the title. Though there is no timer, things can become frustrating later on with nasty animals wandering about the scene or buildings needing upgrades. You can upgrade your building by mere clicking on special icon in the menu. Each mansion should have a host, though it still is possible to leave those houses uninhabited, but their environs must be always running.

Graphically, this title has nothing spectacular just usual building scenes and a bit blur-colored backgrounds. If you have just begun playing this sort of games, this might fit to you.