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BigShot game


Have you ever created a business strategy? Try to do it in the new strategy game Big$hot! In this free game your goal is to make your portfolio, that will help you to survive in very insidious world of business. You should control everything and can make right decisions quickly. In the new free game you will meet with pitiless competitors, who also want to be richiest as you. You may download free the game Big$hot, come into business empire and try yourself as a bussinessman, may be you will become soon a famous magnate! Good luck!




BigShot, a new business simulation game form Rusty Axe Games, tries to awake our interest in commercial activities. If you want to take some business lessons, this title will help you for sure. .. Read more

At first glance the prime object of this tycoon game might seem too stiff, but Rusty Axe Games avoids providing the player with miscellaneous charts, activities and tables. Therefore, BigShot is a complex game due to all different reasons, and it takes some time to get highscore. The game makes you developing your own financial strategies and taking care of a company’s efficiency. Do not forget to pay attention to advertising as it plays a significant role to maximize your profit.

Surely, the great point of BigShot is the competitors. Step by step you plunge into the world of economy and cannot but feel the spirit of competition. Soon you feel like struggling to compete with other companies.

Nevertheless, BigShot has some shortcomings. Especially the tutorial is rather short and people who are not really familiar with the real estate business and credit lines might feel ill at ease among all those abbreviations, technical terms and the minimalist map. As for the artwork, it is more than a modest one, but at least it is not so intrusive like music. The background music is quite catchy at first but becomes stressful after playing more than ten minutes.

However, BigShot are able to attract some fans of tycoon games. This issue is highly addictive and in spite of its complications, you will catch the idea of it quickly. The title has got a few nice twists that add much to the gameplay. Though it is not going to make revolution of the genre, still, it is a good example of time management games.