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Buried in Time game

Buried in Time

Genre: Hidden Object

The awful mystery covered the peaceful kingdom in the new hidden object game Buried in Time! If you have brave and pure heart, you must find the truth behind an ancient legend and return the sacred jewel back to save the kingdom! You will head the team of the archaeologists, who is trying to find the treasure in the ancient mysterious locations! Download free new exciting game Buried in Time right now! Go towards incredible adventures and dive into atmosphere of the ancient culture! Good luck!




It is always exciting to try something new, especially when we are speaking about casual game experience. “Buried in Time”, a new game from I-play, dwells upon two young archeologists determined to find a precious diamond buried somewhere deep within the sands of the earth. There you can see a fine combination of two different genres: simulation and hidden object... Read more

“Buried in Time” is a simulator by its nature but the developers put there few puzzles and mini-games to make the gameplay more intriguing. The concept of this title is fine, the archeological theme is cute – so refreshful to see something new than usual farmers or villagers. We would give five stars for the story originality but repetitive features of the sim gameplay reduce the rate up to four stars. 

Nevertheless, the puzzles become challenging and set this apart from other sim games as well. They relate well to the storyline and you will really enjoy seeing the world become more developed and brought back to life as you will complete each level. The main sore point of “Buried in Time” is only one game mode, which absolutely kills its replay value.

The game is able to become extremely popular but its short length might push away some fans. It seems like the developers gave all they had got for the plot and graphics but saved no ideas for the gameplay. If you are a real fun of routine things, welcome to “Buried in Time” then. ;-)

Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista

CPU: 1.2 GHz

RAM: 768 MB

DirectX: 8.0

Hard Drive: 164 MB