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Camelia's Locket

Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

Try yourself as a brave pirate in a challenging zuma-style adventure called Camelia’s Locket. Explore seas all over the world and maybe you will be lucky enough to find ancient treasures! Destroy chains of colorful balls that stand in your way during a hundred levels of pure ball-blasting fun! Eliminate from the game field groups of more then three balls and earn point bonuses and crazy power-ups. Don't miss this addicting game by any chance!

Title - Camelia's Locket Game Download for PC Description - Get delighted with Camelia's Locket, a Puzzle game designed by Brand Games. Try yourself as a brave pirate in a challenging zuma-style adventure called Camelia’s Locket!
Camelia's Locket game




Camelia’s Locket is a marble popping game produced by Brand Games Company. If you are tired of Luxor and Zuma, this one can satisfy your matching appetite, but not for a very long time. The game tells us a story about a pirate who is exploring the seas in search of treasures and fame. Your goal is to help the pirate to destroy strange chains made of colorful balls which chase the ship during this adventure... Read more

The game offers you to complete 100 levels, but not all of them are devoted to destroying chains. 20 levels are simple mini-games in which you should shoot cannonballs at attacking vessels.

As we have already mentioned, the game was inspired by Zuma and other popular marble popping games, however, Camelia’s Locket has several new tricks. For example, you can use harpoon to tow in a ball of a certain color from the chain and shoot it back into the segment where this ball will create a better combination. Also the game has a pirate shop where you can buy different power-ups.

To say the truth, with all those options there is no challenge left in the game at all. Despite perfect production values, good story and captivating gameplay it is very difficult to recommend this game, however, Camelia’s Locket can be interesting for players new to the genre.

26, August 2009



Nevertales: Legends

Expires in 29 Jul 2019


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