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The Conjurer game

The Conjurer

Genre: Hidden Object

Crack the secrets of the world best illusionists in Conjurer, a hidden object adventure! Once the greatest magician invites the remaining top ten performers to his castle and asks them to show their finest routine. The best person will get all of his coveted secrets. But someone is going to kill the great conjurer. Solve all malicious puzzles and escape from evil characters. Prevent crime and figure out the plotter!




The Conjurer is another hidden object adventure from GameHouse. Its storyline dwells upon the world’s greatest magician, the Conjurer, who decides to give a retirement party. But someone plans to kill the great illusionist. So you are to unmask the hypocrite... Read more

To start with, the gameplay involves common operating procedure for this genre. Your job is to find a dozen or more objects spread throughout the castle and solve different puzzles. The items are quite easy to spot as the artwork is clear and bright. The game offers a variety of puzzles such as jigsaw, card-related math games and challenging logic puzzles. All of them can be skipped if you deem them too hard.

Frankly, this HOG is much easier than others, since there is no timer, no penalty for random clicking. Moreover, it is generous with hints. One hint shows you a shape of the object you’re trying to find, a second will show you the general area of the object if you click on a crystal ball and a third that will reveal the exact location of the item, but there’s only one of these “super hints” per magician. When you scroll your mouse over the stage, you’ll see a silhouette that shows you exactly what goes there from your inventory. It would be more fun to try and guess where the items need to go. It makes the game predictable and artless.

Overall, if you can forgive these flaws, The Conjurer will please you with its fine graphics and enjoyable story. 


Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista Memory: 256 MB DirectX: 9.0c CPU: P800