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Dead Hungry Diner game

Dead Hungry Diner

Get ready to discover new fantastic Time Management game Dead Hungry Diner and breathe in the fresh methods of restaurant management! Travel through the Ravenwood village, Meet the adorable twins Gabe and Gabby and help them manage the business. Please the customers before they get impatient and angry, break the fights between them and most important make sure they have paid for their order. Earn money, perfect your service and simply have fun. Download Dead Hungry Diner absolutely for free, enjoy the action, prove that you can become the best!




Dead Hungry Diner is a typical Time Management game from Black Market Games filled with zombies, vampires and all kinds of monsters. You are tasked to help Gabe and Gabby feed all these dreadful creatures and save their dear town Ravenwood. But how? Let’s see how this spooky theme interacts with the classical genre... Read more

Like any other Time Management installment, Dead Hungry Diner features 50 levels and two different game modes. The plot is set at five different locations and each level can be finished with a variety of ratings depending on how much money you are able to earn. Unlike to related restaurant-themed time management games, Dead Hungry Diner offers only one meal - brain berries. At first sight, the gameplay might seem familiar. Groups of visitors have to be seated and served while keeping them patient, customer types differ in patience and next to whom they dislike seating. Still, don’t speak too soon!

The reduction of menu and serving definitely changes the dynamic of the core game! Thanks to the ability to cast spells you can follow different strategies. While the pace of Dead Hungry Diner is incredibly hot, it rarely gets frustrating or annoying because you can really concentrate on the patience of customers. Being rather nervous and blusterous, such guys as zombies and vampires should be served as careful as possible. Otherwise, you will see a great conflict!

Visually, Dead Hungry Diner are fine, the animations of these evil creatures perfectly fit the theme, the music is also acceptable. Of course, the story is somewhat predictable, but the humor of it fits the theme of the game ideally and the characters are motivating.

Summing up, Dead Hungry Diner doesn’t reinvent the genre, but it surely proves that Time Management genre is still alive and well. While the settings and basic gameplay are pretty familiar, the new title offers enough spins to feel fresh. Good luck!