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Dragon Keeper 2

Genre: Time Management

Defeat the Evil Witch in new entertaining and unique sequel of Time Management game under the title Dragon Keeper 2! According to the legend, this cruel woman used her black magic and turned the Prince into a goldfish. Help Princess find and save her beloved at all costs! Use the help of magical creatures, explore the areas and breed all kinds of dragons. Have fun with the second part of your favorite game! Download Dragon Keeper 2 absolutely for free right now, show your best and rescue the Prince! Good luck!

Title - Dragon Keeper 2 Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Get Dragon Keeper 2, a Time Management game built up by Big Fish Games. Help The Princess defeat the evil witch and save her beloved!
Dragon Keeper 2 game
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The people that are fond of Magic Farm should really try the new game from Big Fish Games under the title Dragon Keeper 2. “Why?” you will probably ask. Well, this installment is the same type of gameplay but with much better artwork and more interesting storyline... Read more

Dragon Keeper 2, the second entry in the this Time Management game series, had become just more intriguing and clearer. While the first installment lacks in information, this title has enough tutorials and more explanations as you go along. Like no other game of this genre, Dragon Keeper 2 offers several modes: adventure, survival and endless. So, the player of different abilities and skills can take part in this game. With its absolutely new quests and achievements, Dragon Keeper 2 offers excellent replay value for either playing it to get all gold or just relax and have a lot of fun. 

As for the game’s graphics, they are super pleasant and stunning. Today there are very few titles with the same smooth illustrations, so this installment is a real gem. The sound and music isn’t bothersome at all or at least you don’t want to turn it off at once. The gameplay is literally a decent one. Despite all the clicks, there is a lot of strategy involved in what to buy, how much to spend, and what jewels to forge. Thus, you should be highly accurate when give tasks to your heroes.

Finally, Dragon Keeper 2 proves to be a good and addictive Time Management game, required clever decisions to get a golden goal. In spite of its fairy settings this game is challenging enough to bewilder you more than once. Good luck!

10, April 2012


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