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Drugstore Mania game

Drugstore Mania

Genre: Time Management

This is the story about young perspective girl, named Liz, who want to start her own business. She decided to open pharmacy in a small town and you should help her in this deal in the new interesting game Drugstore Mania. Try to serve well your clients and to make them more healthy and more happy! You should prepare herbal tinctures and create complicated prescriptions.You may download free the game Drugstore Mania and play right now this exciting time management game!




No wonder that time management game is always devoted to business theme and we would say now it is hard to imagine it could be otherwise. But Drugstore Mania, a game developed by GFI, disproves this fact because there is no pharmacy-based casual game made yet until now... Read more

GFI is well-known for its Cake Mania series, so we are able to predict the main features of Drugstore Mania. Following the footsteps of mania – style games, this premise has you assuming the role of Lisa, a newly graduated pharmacist trying to look for a big break to advance in her career. The core gameplay is far from being revolutionary and notable for the traditional time management routine. The prime object of each level in this title is to reach either the ordinary or expert goal within set time limit. As you can see the developers doesn’t set out to reinvent the wheel, but they doesn’t have to. Why should they change usual and friendly gameplay?

Still, there are few unique things about Drugstore Mania as you walk through the different cities. Among some new elements we can point out, for example, helpful machines, which help you make medicines or please your visitors while they wait. The game will add on even a mini-game to play before you begin another level. However, all those twists are insignificant and add little challenge to the game.

As for the artwork, Drugstore Mania mainly appeals to young girls’ audience who are keen on anime and cartoons. To crown it all, during the gameplay, those big head dolls make strange giggling noise constantly that you finally would prefer to turn the sound off. All in all, this title is fun, but just too cute, and too easy for connoisseurs of time management genre. But it can be well appreciated by 8 or 10 years-old players. Keep well!

Minimal system requirements

Windows XP/Vista

Pentium III 600 Мгц

RAM: 128 Мб

16M Video 3D

DirectX 8.1 or higher;

Hatd Drive: 50 Мb