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Dungeon Slots game

Dungeon Slots

Medieval themed video games proved to be very successful these days. That is why it is only logical that the latest video slot is themed around a very well known medieval setting with smugglers and caves called Dungeons Slots! Many gaming developers are basing slots on comics or super heroes as well as games, so it is no surprise that you will fight the skeleton in this game and try to steal the treasure that he is so jealously keeping! Just add the amount of money that you are willing to bet and soon enough you will be able to win money! But beware of the risk – if you put all your money, you may lose it just as well! Graphics are really great and a bit scary, especially if you are afraid of skeletons! Even the music is amazing, probably inspired by games such as Skyrim and Dragon Age. This game is a must-have if you really like slot games, and maybe some of your friends will like it just as well. Download it and win a lot of money in Dungeons Slots. Just win money and let it pour into your chest of treasure!


Minimal system requirements

Pentium 200 or better

64 Mb RAM or better

640x480 display resolution or better