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Egypt: Secret of five Gods

New fantastic Strategy game Egypt: Secret of five Gods is a unique opportunity to restore one of the oldest and rich civilizations – Egypt! Join the main character Hatshepsut and help him rebuild famous statues and drive two dark gods Anubis and Seth away. Make Egypt look like it used to be before the massive sandstorm, build new farms and feed the populace. Download absolutely for free this exciting game Egypt: Secret of five Gods right now and save the day!

Title - Egypt: Secret of five Gods Game Download for PC Description - Gain Egypt: Secret of five Gods, a Time Management game launched by Burut Creative Team. Restore Egypt and get rid of bandits in new fabulous game!
Egypt: Secret of five Gods game
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Egypt: Secret of five Gods is one of the newest Time Management games from Burut Creative Team that involves you into grand building and restoring of Egypt after devastating sandstorm... Read more

To start with, Egypt: Secret of five Gods might be not everyone’s cup of tea as its gameplay is rather specific but surely there is something about this title we find very engaging and even quite compelling. Still, the gameplay is clear enough if you keep the tutorial on; get food and stuff for building which can be upgraded in later levels, hire more workers, get more mine gold and etc. It is pretty similar to most classical Time Management strategy games; far more basic but probably this installment is more fun to play.

In Egypt: Secret of five Gods you must think right from the second level if you want to the best award. There are a lot of bonuses like faster running or more resources which help you achieve a gold time or extra points. Although there is a timer, you can continue your play even after it ran out. Moreover, the A students are allowed to replay levels to earn the gold awards.

The artwork has nothing special, probably reminiscent of the majority of building games. The little people and their animations are cute, of course, cannot be compared with “Royal Envoy” but still fine. The music background perfectly fits the Egyptian theme but maybe it is too obtrusive sometimes.

The only huge complaint about Egypt: Secret of five Gods is the controls. They are really very fiddly! You have to make too many futile clicks in a raw just to go to the farm or to go collect food. These constant clicking may be very frustrating for some players, however game’s high challenge level will probably smooth this downside. Good luck!

15, March 2012


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