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European Mystery: Scent of Desire Collector's Edition game

European Mystery: Scent of Desire Collector's Edition

Genre: Hidden Object

Stop the Paris killer in new incredible Hidden Object game based on the events of the world famous book! European Mystery: Scent of Desire offers you to become a clever detective and solve the cases about the terrifying murders of young girls. During the investigation, you will get on the trail of some alchemist, collecting the scents. Collect the evidence, find out what's common between the victims and catch the criminal! Game European Mystery: Scent of Desire promises to be a truly wonderful and unforgettable adventure.





Have you ever read Perfume: The Story of a Murderer? In tote, this book explored the ethical boundaries of a society and described the life of one character totally absorbed by a dream. The novel is set in Paris in the 18th century. It was written by German writer and screenwriter Patrick Suskind. Nineteen eighty five is a date when this masterpiece has seen the light of the day. Many responses have been coming since then. The film adaptation directed by Tom Tykwer appeared in 2006. In addition to that, the numerous creative personalities identified the book as an inspiration source. Generally, Perfume produced a considerable impact on society. Why do we talk about this book? Now we are able to say the world of games cannot stand up to this keen influence. Seemingly, the team of developers called themselves Blam! Games was inspired by novel as well. So, they have created a game named European Mystery: Scent of Desire. Today we are going to devotee ourselves to this Hidden Object title with the elements of Adventure and Puzzle... Read more

Resembling to the original novel, the set of the game takes place in France at the same historical time that is described in the book. You are offered to follow the footsteps of a famous detective who resigns his position. However, the series of cruel crimes plunged the whole France into a shock and gave no peace to our protagonist. Someone kills the young women by means of a horrifying procedure – desiccation. Detective was summoned to shed a light on this terrifying events and stop the maniac before the next victim will find herself in his clutches. These murders along with the cholera bursting out cause the mass hysteria. The authorities cannot handle the situation anymore. Now, it is a matter of honour to the main character to find the guilty. So, he starts investigation. After a while, he comes upon the tracks of a suspect – an alchemist who likes to collect the scents. Seems to be he is responsible for all the murders. It is up to you to stop the killer. Also, you must find out his evil plan and ruin it, of course. Until the very end of a game you will experience the features of an inquiry and collisions with the villain. The gameplay is based on the standard Hidden Object scheme with the strong gravitation towards the Adventure. You are discovering the locations and looking for carefully hidden evidence. Along with the classic inventory, European Mystery offers you to use the special chemistry kit. You can mix the various scents with the help of it. You must apply a bottle in order to collect the smells. You have a magnifying glass as a classic detective attribute and a journal on top of it all. This equipment is easy to find and it is always at hand. The difficulty of presented puzzles increases in accordance with your progress. You are given a map which provides a very good assistance within the extent areas. Many achievements and awards are waiting for you ahead.

We are very vogue concerning the point of graphics and sounds. Hidden Object scenes are beautifully designed and detailed. In the meantime, cut scenes have lower quality. We can recognize the lack of sharpness. A washout is in large excess instead. Also, the movements of characters are wooden and expressionless. The same story happens to the sound effects. The background music is soft and “takes a back seat” while the voice overs are quite annoying. The accent and a manner of speaking do not go well with the presented timeline.

This title fits into the standards of the casual Hidden Object games in a perfect way. It has everything to rouse the genre goer’s interest in. Absorbing Hidden Object scenes, Puzzle cracking and an adventure feature are included. However, it seems that something is missing. It is up to you whether you will find it, or not.