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Exorcist game


Genre: Hidden Object

Can you see demons? You will obtain such ability in new Hidden Object Adventure Exorcist! Garret Ghostfighter needs your help in finding and defeating of the evil being Mephisto, who hatches a plan of sending the everlasting night to the earth. The evil is going to fill the hearts of people. Search cursed locations for the needed clues, which will help you to defeat Mephisto before it's too late. This thrilling downloadable Hidden object game Exorcist is available to you absolutely for free now.





A game with such a title can attract the attention of any gamer who loves dark stories about strange creatures, demons, spirits and so on. A new game Exorcist is a horror-themed hidden object adventure that promise to be exciting and unbelievable. Let’s know more about it... Read more

Garret Chostfighter has the gift: he is able to see demons and fight against them! One day he has got a strange letter from Mephisto, the evil creature. Now Garret should find Mephisto and defeat him once and for all. During the adventure you will learn the truth about love of Garret’s life.

The graphics is brilliant. The atmosphere of the game corresponds its title completely: spiders, black cats, thrilling whispers and strange shadows. Everything here make you feel that the evil is working against you. As people say,fear takes molehills for mountains. Each level has several rooms full of hidden items and pieces of objects that you should put together. Each area includes the final puzzle that will give you an opportunity to move forward. There are no penalties for bad clicks so click so many times you like.

As we pointed out, sound effects are great. Whispers, screams and music create the atmosphere of horror and immerse you into a mysterious world of demons and awful secrets. Voice-acting is pretty good, especially the voice of the main hero. If you are a fan of horror-themed games don’t wait to play Exorcist!