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Fairy Maids

Genre: Time Management

Even the multipotent fairies can stain and soil their clothes. Don't you believe it? Then start playing Fairy Maids, a new Time Management game, and find the proof by contradiction. You'll see tons of dirty laundry and will have to do something with it! Whom can you apply to for help? Of course, the fairy of cleaning! Find yourself at the magical cleaning service and get down to work! Download Fairy Maids absolutely for free and leave no dirty things! Let cleanness set in!

Title - Fairy Maids Game Download for PC Description - Embark on Fairy Maids, a Time Management game given by Spark Plug Games. Find yourself at the magical cleaning service and get down to work!




If you are keen on the idea of being the slave of a fairy cleaning service, welcome to this new time management game Fairy Maids offered by Spark Plug Games.  .. Read more

You start playing as a fairy maid, cleaning up other people’s rooms. Feather duster, cleaning spray, sponge and other things are your tools to clean up and polish up the different messes around each room. You clean rooms, you earn some money, you buy upgrades and clean again, and earn again, and buy again. The challenge is over at that. However, there is a choice between playing Fairy Maids a time and untimed mode. So those that aren’t fond of clicking frenzy can play in relaxed mode. But then the whole challenge of this game trails off. Although the timed mode gets pretty hard right away, after a few levels this title becomes incredibly monotonous. The fact that a lot of new tasks and tools are added as you go throughout the rooms cannot save this game from deadness.

Fairy Maids has no plot, no sense of progression except for upgrading your cleaning tools. Repetitiveness is the greatest drawback of this that peeves all players considerably. Besides, you cannot but feel slightly despotic atmosphere of this game. You feel yourself like a Cinderella and Beatrix – the owner of fairy cleaning service – is your sever step-mother. You are to do everything what she says and go where she says. Even when the customers say thank for your hard work, they still address not you but Beatrix. Thus, in our humble opinion, the only thing this installment can be proud of is its clear artwork and good sense of humor. The music is ordinary and sometimes even extremely plain. If our arguments still sound not reasonable enough to skip this time management experience, then Cinderella’s shoes are vacant. Good luck! 



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