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Fallen Shadows

Genre: Hidden Object

Hurricane Katrina carried away many lives and made a lot of families unhappy. Your family is not an exclusion unfortunately, according to the storyline of our new game Fallen Shadows. You have come back from abroad to New Orleans to find your missing grandpa, who is believed to die during the catastrophe. But all the facts indicate absolutely different aftergrowths. Besides, your investigation of your grandfather's disappearance begins in quite a frightening way. You wake up in a body bag in the city dead-house! Download Fallen Shadows absolutely for free, if you want to rattle your nerves!

Title - Fallen Shadows Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Take a break with Fallen Shadows, a Hidden Object game published by Happy Muffin Top. Reveal the secret of your grandpa's disappearance after the Hurricane Katrina!
Fallen Shadows game
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If you need help in solving a certain puzzle or finding a quest item, you can download for free our strategy guide for Fallen Shadows. Get a detailed walkthrough on how to complete all levels without missing a single secret option of the game absolutelly for free!




The tragedy of New Orleans, which was badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina, moved all of us deeply. The game developer s Happy Muffin Top also didn’t keep out of this and gave us their own point of view on this sad event in a form of the new hidden object game under the title Fallen Shadows... Read more

We can hardly ever remember any game using the same theme though, Fallen Shadows draws heavily on games we see and play regularly. Darkness, spirits of relatives, creepy settings, and etc. All of these we have already tried many times before. Still there is enough story to make it interesting but the game moves so slowly that it becomes annoying very soon. The first disappointing thing is a bunch of tutorials in situations when it isn’t needed. The second – no skip button there. The third – too long loading hidden object scenes. The majority of mini-games are absolutely square, offering you no challenge there.

However, you can stick it out till the end because the artwork is gorgeous. Although the graphics are decent, most of hidden object scenes need a lot of improvements. Some items are too tiny and others don’t even look like their descriptions on the list. We kept waiting it to get better, but unfortunately it went on the same – very boring.  Nevertheless, Fallen Shadows might have been really better without a story, as a mere hidden object title. It would surely find its fans who prefer ordinary finding job to plot.

All in all, this is a mediocre hidden object game episode in the series strung by a spooky storyline that really don’t impress us very much. Episode? Yes, the end of the game is quite obscure, so it looks like Happy Muffin Top have plans to delight us with a sequel or maybe even sequels. Hope it or they will be better.

25, April 2011



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