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Family Tales: The Sisters game

Family Tales: The Sisters

Genre: Hidden Object

Plunge into the new cryptic Hidden object game under the title Family Tales: The Sisters. You will play the role of one of the twin sister. You have been observing the same dream for a long time that something really terrible happened with your sister. Apprehending something bad you head for her rescuing. When you arrived at her home you found out that she went missing. Find your beloved twin sister, reveal all the secrets and scratch your head over numerous intricate puzzles.




The relationship between certain family members is a pet subject in Adventure genre. Many titles have been already devoted to this topic, but today we are going to discuss the new Hidden Object game developed by Deep Shadows studios. It is named Family Tales: The Sisters and focused on an invisible connection between two sisters. According to the trailer, the grim and mysterious secrets of the other world must be revealed. In this survey we must see how exactly the sisters will cope with this mess... Read more

Let us begin with the subject. The plotline starts with the nightmare of the main character. She dreamt about her sister Anna who got into some trouble. The scenery was unbelievable. Numerous small islets and one huge mainland levitated above the ground. She recognized her sister at the mainland who tried to run and hide from somebody. An undistinguished buildings with the towers against the red sky background were behind her back. Suddenly, a man dressed in black appeared from nowhere. His look was menacing. He started to chase her. In that very moment Anna had reached the edge of the soaring island. She had no way out because the bridge was cut off. The sleeper awoke before the terrible outcome. Tormented by misgiving she decided to call her sister. The receiver remained unpicked. There were no options, but visiting the old family house where Anna was living at the moment. The manor looked neglected. Making sure that nobody was home, the heroine offered to you as a playable character entered the house. The gameplay of Family Tales wants you to search for hidden objects, reveal the mysteries, crack the puzzles and take part in adventures. Hidden Object scenes and Puzzle sections are widely represented. Some of the HOS include vogue objects searching beside the standard one. Puzzles are quite difficult and enjoyable. The one thing that bothers us is the unintelligible instructions about the principles of puzzle solving. To be honest it should be more detailed. The Adventure section requires many different actions to perform. You will cope with them undoubtedly. You should not rely on a navigation guide – the map is absent. As a matter of fact, you do not need it. The presented areas will not let you return within its borders as soon as you complete any of them. You are able to choose between Easy, Expert or Pro difficulty modes. The speed of a hint recharging depends on selected mode. In tote, the hint is not as useful as you would think: it only directs you. If you find yourself in the deadly embrace of a blind alley, it fails to provide the useful assistance.

It is time to proceed to the visuals and audio. Unfortunately, graphics (at least in the cutscenes) are weak. It can be even characterized as antiquated. It is no concern of Hidden Object scenes – they are perceptible; the colors are saturated as well. A real disenchantment overtakes us in the audio aspect. There are completely no voiceovers or any other sound effects. It is unacceptable for the game that has pretensions of being high-rated. It is quite another matter, if the Family Tales never wants to be this kind of a game.

In summary, Family Tales: The Sisters can be recommended to the hardcore Hidden Object fanbase only. Unfortunately, this title cannot be compared with more advanced representatives of the same genre. In spite of this fact, the biggest advantage of this game is a plot. At least storyline is able to stimulate interest among the casual gamers. The choice is yours.