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Finding Hope game

Finding Hope

Genre: Hidden Object

Heart-piercing storyline about poor Hope, a young woman trying to reunite with her missing family, won't live you indifferent. In Finding Hope, a run-down farmhouse that used to be very beautiful and was the place of family happiness now is in a great depression. Probably it hides something that could clear up the clues to the mysterious disappearance of her husband Jack and their son Nate. Collect all missing items that will help you to restore the former beauty of Hope's house. Download Finding Hope, a new breath-taking hidden object game, free right now!




Finding Hope is a new hidden object game from BigFishGames, which title sounds rather ironical and ridiculous as there is nothing to hope about. Failure to present a story, failure to catch our interest, and great failure in production value. It is not worth a rap!.. Read more

Quite annoying storyline of Finding Hope centers on the female hero, who is on her way to find out missing husband and son. Well, one more dark, depressive story with heroin who has no brains just “phenomenal female intuition ” and we are about to despair ourselves or even go on the booze. It does not mean that we are woman-haters stories but we are not big fans of a trite soap opera-ish plot. Completely awful and disgustful dialogues make you turn off the volume within first two sentences.

Finding Hope is barely a hidden object game packed with tons of different, oh, no with the same objects all the time. Items are very tiny and practically invisible against the brown background. You start with hidden object hunting and finish it with the same task. During the whole game we hoped that the main heroin would pull herself together, wipe her tears and begin to play. But no! Everything what we were fated to see were the same things in the same scenes. The question of a replay value falls down of itself. However, the game is very generous to slow players: no timer, lots of rechargeable hints, no overclick penalty. But even this category of players will be disappointed how short this title is. Abruptness of end will never play in game’s hand. Unfortunately, some developers still have a poor grasp of this rule. That is why we have plenty of bad games that should never see the light of day. Boo!   

Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista

CPU: 1.6 GHz Mhz

RAM: 512 MB

DirectX: 8.0

Hard Drive: 118 MB