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Fishdom: Depths of Time. Collector's Edition game

Fishdom: Depths of Time. Collector's Edition

Genre: PuzzleMatch-3

Dive into the all-new game in the legendary Fishdom series! Submerge into the unique deep-sea world with your amusing aquatic buddies that will never let you feel bored! Take care of them, watch them play with each other, as you travel in time through different epochs. Decorate your fish tanks with over 150 exclusive ornaments and 8 immersive backgrounds. Enjoy 250 new match-3 levels with perfected mechanics. Your pets are waiting for you, go check them out!




It’s never hard to recognize the game made by Playrix Entertainment. Hidden object games, Match-3 and even Time Management – they always know how to make a perfect game of any genre. Today we’re reviewing Fishdom: Depths of Time – one of the cutest and most entertaining Match-3 games... Read more

This is already the 4th installment in the Fishdom series and gladly it’s as good, impressive and captivating as all the previous parts. You get a tank that you need to decorate and clean from time to time, and fishes that you need to feed, distract and play with. There are over 2 hundreds of match-3 levels so you’ll never get bored with this game until you actually finish it.

This is a standard game of the genre, each level gets harder and as long as you progress the game you improve your skills and learn new tricks. You can let your imagination fly with Depths of Time – decorate the tanks the way you want, buy toys, choose their size and place them anywhere you want. Everything is possible, there’s no limit. Well, unless you have some money to spend.

The locations in this game are pretty much standard as well. Gameboards to play Match-3 levels, the shop with items to buy and tanks with your little fish friends. Kudos to the designers: graphics in this game are just excellent: sharp, cheery, colorful and very cute and cartoonish. Funny music is able to make your day in case you have a bad one.

This game will definitely bring you a lot of joy and good moments. If you are tired of dark and creepy stories about ghost and their lost souls -  Fishdom: Depths of Time will be like a breath of fresh air for you. Don’t hesitate and download this top pc game without registration. Good luck!