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Ghost Town Mysteries: Bodie game

Ghost Town Mysteries: Bodie

Genre: Hidden Object

Ghost Town Mysteries: Bodie is an exciting hidden object game that takes you on a frightening trip in a haunting town of Bodie! The town hides a terrible secret: over a hundred years ago a little girl Evelyn Byers was killed with a pick axe, and now many tourists report seeing her ghost. Unfortunately, all the witnesses of this awful murder are missing. And now it’s up to you to solve the mystery and uncover the source of the haunting!



Autumn is a high time for ghost, isn’t it? In this connection Gaming Hungama/Gamespin company presents us a scaring hidden object game that has you solving a dreadful case. .. Read more

You start your spooky adventure as a famous reporter and dwells upon gloomy places full of odd sounds, and shady characters. From the very beginning the gameplay astonishes you at its toughness. Though the scenes are color blended, most items are good hidden and on the dim sides. Occasionally, a scene is very dark, making it unfairly difficult to spot dark or black items.

Fortunately, the game is untimed. You get a limited amount of hints, restoring in 4 minutes only. Too many random clicks make the screen gray for a second, and you are unable to click anything until the color returns.

As for the tasks, most of them are quite simple, and generally include dull jig-saw puzzles. However, obscure atmosphere of the game makes them more entertaining. The graphics themselves are ordinary, but motion video scenes polish and smooth its disadvantage. But the music and sound effects, they definitely set up the spooky atmosphere. Anyway, Ghost Town Mysteries – Bodie is worth to play and can make you shivered. So if you are keen on horror and thriller it is for you!

Minimal system requirements

OS: Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista Memory: 512 MB CPU: 1GHZ