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House, M.D.

Genre: Hidden Object

Join the world-known Dr. Gregory House in his dangerous but captivating investigation. Start playing House M.D, a new gripping game. You are to become one of the Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital staff and plunge into the deep of medical inquiries. Your challenge is to find out a treatment for the abnormal disease. You are short in time, because it aggravates day by day. Therefore once it can be too late! Download House M.D absolutely for free and hurry up, as the patients are not hopeless cases yet!

Title - House, M.D. Game Download for PC Description - Set about House, M.D., a Hidden Object game generated by Legacy Interactive. The life of your patients is in your hands! Do your best to discover a cure as soon as possible!
House, M.D. game

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House, M.D. is a super successful TV show. Its diverse storylines about intriguing medical case can be reasonably turned into a terrific hidden object game. So, Legacy Interactive earnestly tied to create worthy game product, but unfortunately, they didn’t manage to repeat the success of illustrious TV show. Sadly, House, M.D. game doesn’t even come close to being awarded, unless that award is for the worst game you have ever played... Read more

For the first time our heart was broken when we saw the cartoonish representation of the characters in game. Still, the developers managed to draw all actors from the show very close to reality. But they didn’t put into them no life. There was no action at all! Instead of vivid graphics, we saw ordinary static comics pictures. ‘Well, if there is going to be no action, there must at least be a good voice acting’, we thought naively. But no, the developers didn’t work hard on this point they just chose the most cheesy way to present the story – voiceless dialogs. It seems the developers believe that for player it is a real honer or extremely interesting to read these texts off the screen.

Our heart came to bits after half hour of playing. House, M.D. turned out to be a very primitive puzzle game, pure and very simple. Game’s challenge consists of witty lines of dialogue from either Dr. House himself or his colleagues and then you start a puzzle that has nothing common with what they said. There are no words to describe how these mini-games are flat and annoying.

All in all, it is hard to define the target audience of this game. Are there any players who do not care about production values at all? Or maybe there are players who are keen on primitive gameplay? We query very much if there is one of them.



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