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Howlville: The Dark Past game

Howlville: The Dark Past

Genre: Hidden Object

Save the world from an upcoming catastrophe in new fantastic Hidden Object Adventure under the title Howlville: The Dark Past! Dr. Joseph and a group of best scientists were asked to examine an artifact found in a mine near the small city of Howlville! But something happened there and the researches stopped. Fifteen years later you have to help Rachel, the daughter of Dr. Joseph, and solve this mystery! Look for the clues, explore scenes, find out who stands on your path and stop the evil! Download Howlville: The Dark Past, enjoy unique storyline and exciting gameplay!




Longing for spooky stories about abandoned cities? Anticipating your wishes, game developer N-Tri Studio has recently released the new Hidden Object game under the title Howlville: The Dark Past, in which you adventure through the eerie town, which became the victim of a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong... Read more

Much like Phenomenon: City of Cyan, Howlville: The Dark Past puts you into the shoes of a brave girl, searching her missing parents. Game develops at a fairly slow pace, though without getting boring. The main character behaves very consistently and clever, so the development of events looks pretty convincing, and the cut scenes occurring when you least expect them make the game really cool.

As for the gameplay, in Howlville: The Dark Past there are two game modes, Casual and Expert. In truth, even in Casual mode, complexity of the game is above average, so if you come up with a decision to download it, get ready for the difficulties. The mini-games for the most part are not original, but very fun and challenging. Most mini-games will make you rack your brains, if you decide not to skip them.

The hidden object scenes are virtually flawless. We say ‘virtually’, because even though a huge number of interactive and cleverly hidden objects, some of them just merge with the background in color. It is the exception rather than the rule, but we felt so cheated when we couldn’t discern one of the hidden objects even after using a hint!

The graphics is not perfect, but very picturesque and pleasing to the eye. Background music, alas, is too annoying and repetitive, so we strongly recommend you to turn it off once you start playing the game, so as not to spoil the whole experience. As for the game atmosphere, Howlville: The Dark Past is more relaxing than Phenomenon: City of Cyan, but it’s better not to play it before going to bed.

In general, Howlville: The Dark Past is quite worthwhile game with tons of hidden objects, highly interactive hidden object scenes, brilliant cinematics and clever puzzles. If you enjoy challenging games, definitely give it a try! Have a nice day!