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Into the Haze

Genre: Hidden Object

Rescue a young girl from the clutches of an ancient demon! Guide the central character of Into the Haze through the mist of a hair-raising supernatural adventure, where she'll encounter an ancient fog demon summoned by her sister-in-law in a magic ritual gone wrong. Race to rescue's the heroine's daughter, Emily, before the demon claims her prize. Your powers of observation will need to be keen as you search for hidden objects, and your puzzle solving skills will need to be at their best as you crack dozens of brain-bending enigmas and complete mini-games unlike any you have played. With chilling atmosphere to spare, visuals that will draw you into each beautifully crafted scene, and music and audio effects that will have you turning on your lights if you dared to play in the dark, Into the Haze will provide an experience in horror you'll never forget.

Title - Into the Haze Game Download for PC Description - Here is Into the Haze, a Hidden Object game published by Argali Entertainment. Rescue a young girl from the clutches of an ancient demon!
Into the Haze game
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Once upon a time the developers from Argali Entertainment cooperated with Alawar Entertainment and together they came up with another hidden object game for pc Into The Haze. To be honest, this one could be good for a throwback. If only the storyline in this game was a little bit more original then we could add it to our personal list of top computer games. .. Read more

Imagine your niece got kidnapped by some evil devil and now you must defeat evil and save the innocent child. What can be more “unique” than the “rescue your relative” plot? Anyway, this is what you get to deal with. Despite the fact that the storyline is far from being exciting, the conversations between the characters are enjoyable and the characters themselves are pleasant to look at. Animations and voice overs are done very professionally. Graphics are simple and standard, but all the locations are clear and bright which is quite enough for us to be satisfied.

What to say about the gameplay except that it’s also very simple and absolutely not innovative? Just like in every hidden object game for computers and mobile devices there is a bunch of hidden object scenes, that are not innovative, items to find and locations to explore. Puzzles and mini-games are absolutely not challenging and not at all creative. There’s no jump map either.

All in all turns out the only good thing about Into The Haze is its production. Other aspects barely deserve 3 stars from 5. We don’t even know whether we should recommend this game or not. But if you want you can download it for free and try to find more pleasant elements.

7, September 2015


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