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Island of Death: Demons and Despair game

Island of Death: Demons and Despair

Genre: Hidden Object

Go to the spooky, but exciting adventure in the new incredible Hidden Object game under the title Island of Death: Demons and Despair! One day the young girl named Natalie woke up and noticed that her boyfriend was gone, and scary zombies are walking down the streets. Will Natalie find her beloved and save him and yourself from this nightmare? Help her get to the truth, to reveal all the secrets and be happy again Wait for the release of the game Island of Death: Demons and Despair! Coming soon!




Another game that pretends to have a crown of a horror title is up to discussion in today’s review. It is called Island of Death: Demons and Despair. The developers responsible for producing this game call themselves DominiGames. According to a few minutes of a gameplay, we are able to say that cryptic and terrific adventure waits for us at this Island. If you have already played at numerous horror-based casual games, we doubt whether you will be confused with this one. Anyway, it is time to press the Play button and immerse into the gameplay... Read more

The promising honeymoon of the just married couple has turned into a nightmarish massacre at the distant isle. If you are hooked by this very first sentence, it means that the entire plot is worth to be scanned. Newly wedded John and Natalie decided to go for a honeymoon. They picked up the place – a remote island. It was very exciting: romantic atmosphere and a beautiful ocean. Nothing would disturb their happiness. But they were wrong. An idyllic pastime was ruined right from the beginning. Woke up Natalie did not find her husband in the hotel room. A note was left on the table. It told that John has gone for a while to check out the strange noise coming from the outside. Natalie’s optimism had been fading away with every passing minute without her husband. Finally, Natalie lost the control over herself and ran out into the street. The thing she saw was shocking! The street was solitary excluding a group of a strange people with John among them! But she decided to keep clear of them – their look was menacing. It seemed that a pouring rain was the only obstacle preventing them from attacking Natalie. This is how the game starts. There are three difficulty modes to choose from: Casual, Advanced and Hardcore. The system of achievements is added. It is placed in the main menu. Natalie is your playable character. Together you must stay alive at the infected Island, find a cause of this surprisingly arisen disease and save the marriage by curing John. It is like a walk in the park for the veteran adventurers. You have everything to manage with this mess excepting the map. You are given a directional hint instead. Also, you can use your journal to extract some useful info. We are not sure if these optional features are equivalent to an interactive map. Anyway, the whole gameplay is slow paced and literally boring. What a bummer! It is impermissible for the modern HOPA game. Cheer up: the worst is yet to come. There are a lot of hidden object scenes with incorrect names of the objects to search for. For example, in what universe a word “Dall” stands for “Diary”? The Puzzle section is widely presented as well. You will not tease your brains with these riddles – most of them are the simplest we have ever seen. Seems the shortcomings will never end in this game.

There is complete and utter disappointment about the visuals and sound effects. The graphics are extremely outdated. It reduces a good impression to zero. But the voiceovers are the final nails in the coffin of a positive opinion about Island of Death. There are just two words concerning VO: unsuitable and lifeless.

What can we say in conclusion? Unfortunately, Island of Death: Demons and Despair has all the chances to find itself among the worst games of the year. Even a passable plotline cannot save the day. It seems like developers create Demons and Despair using some kind of a standard pattern without introducing a soul to this project. We hope DominiGames will overcome this Despair and release something much better next time.