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It's All About Masks game

It's All About Masks

Genre: Hidden Object

Play the new hidden object game It's All About Masks and reveal the crime of the century! The event of this story happened in 19th century in Europe. In the ship some very important documents disappeared and your aim is to help famous detective to find the documents and to unravel the case! Travel across the Europe and try to find all hidden objects and the criminal! You may download free the exciting game It's All About Masks and enjoy interesting story! Have a good time!




If you want to train or test your eyesight, new hidden object game – It’s All about Masks – will give you this chance. In a role of cunning detective you are to find very important documents and reveal the case... Read more

It’s All about Masks is a 100% hidden object game developed by Big Fish Games, which is not only loaded but overloaded with hidden objects scenes. The game has been titled “Masks” on purpose as this title defines the style of the whole gameplay. Apart from a few objects pretty easy to figure out, most are not only hidden, they are also cunningly masked. Still, there are few puzzles but they are all easy to solve and absolutely boring. Thank goodness, they are skippable!

For the poor storyline, the game looks more like a set of random hidden object scenes. It is impossible not to admit that It’s All about Masks’ graphics are nice but this is the only advantage there. The music background and sound effects are horrendous! Often most of you have to play on mute as you just couldn’t stand this annoying din.

Unfortunately, penalties for random clicking are the main challenge of this title. While you are playing, you cannot but feel that this title is a way to restore an old style standard hidden object game. Perhaps the developers were going to delight us with old times and arouse nostalgia but everything what they managed to arouse was irritation. You will be as bored by the dialogues and cutscenes as with the piles of hidden object tasks. In fact, to play this “classic” game is as good as changing your dear Mercedes to bicycle. Well, if you feel like this or just want to play for play’s sake, It’s All about Masks will please you this way.