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Jane's Zoo

Genre: Time Management

Jane used to run hotels, real estate business, stores, and in all these spheres she was very successful. But now she wants to get some kind of new experience! Jane's Zoo is a time management game produced by Realore studio. Accompany Jane during her trip around Africa and help her to find animals that need help. Unite all the poor creatures in the biggest zoo of the world and make their life as happy as possible with Jane's Zoo game!

Title - Jane's Zoo Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Amuse with Jane's Zoo, a Time Management game built up by Realore Studios. Help Jane save the wild animals of the world...and their cute babies! Rare animals and wild nature are in your hands now!
Jane's Zoo game



Jane’s Zoo is a time management game produced by Realore studios. Your mission here is to take care of animals in a zoo. Chimpanzees, skunks, lions, zebras, seals, ostriches, elephants, peacocks, penguins, hippos, and pandas - that is not a full list of animal you will have to deal with in this marvelous game. .. Read more

Every animal in the zoo has its own character, for example, elephants are very calm and it takes some time for them to make a decision. Lions are impatient and always need to be served first. You should click on various animal houses to take animals out. Then they ask you for food or water. Most of the time animals are pretty patient, but anyway, you have to act quickly to earn different time bonuses and upgrades.

Your main goal is to keep all your animals happy. If it is raining, don’t let them out. If a crow’s croaking is disturbing your animals’ sleep, you should chase it away before it wakes up everyone. If all these tasks seem easy for you, there are several difficulty modes in the game. When it is hard for you to perform all the tasks, you have a friendly zoo keeper to assist you.

Jane’s Zoo is a good paced game with lots of interesting tasks and entertaining mini games. The game would probably be too challenging for your small kids, but grown-up time management fans should find it interesting!

21, July 2009



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