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Journalistic stories

Genre: Hidden Object

A rising star Gloria Witkinson has been killed under very strange circumstances and the police considers it was a suicide. But Michael Jennings, a journalist for the crime page of a famous newspaper, is sure that he will find the killer and puzzle out this strange case! Join Michael in a fascinating hidden object game Journalistic Stories. Find for hidden clues, solve logic puzzles and step by step you will know all the details of this mysterious murder!

Title - Journalistic stories Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Relish Journalistic stories, a Hidden Object game offered by Far Mills Game Studios. Find the killer and puzzle out this strange case!
Journalistic stories game
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Why there is no punishment for bad execution of casual games? Far Mills Game Studios should be castigated by the strict discipline for their don’t-care attitude towards work. Journalistic stories has a nice storyline “who done it” but poor realization for a game does not leave any chance this title... Read more

To start with, Journalistic stories’ hidden object scenes are extremely crowded and the items are tiny and not drawn very well. Some items are supposed to be something but is really unrecognizable. All items are fantastically microscopical and well-blended into muddy background that they are nearly impossible to figure out. Even when using a hint, still it is hard to see what it is showing and have to click blindly in the general area. We do enjoy a challenge, but this is just frustrating.

The puzzles are nothing to write home about: easy to crack and you can skip them if you’re not in the mood to play. Definitely, we hate the cursor that often prefers to live his life. Because of small objects that are hard to spot be ready to see black screens more than once as a punishment for miss-clicking. The music background is annoying, but nothing in comparison to the sound effects like the propeller spinning or the antique typewriter working by itself. The choice of noises is awful which after a few minutes will drive you crazy.

If you still decide to try Journalistic stories, provide yourself with magnifying glass and earplug to smooth this play a little bit. But if you feel disgust to this game, you may easily trash it.

21, July 2010



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