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Juliette's Fashion Empire

Juliette is a young promising clothing designer, who dreams to turn her small shops into trendy boutiques. In Juliette's Fashion Empire, help the main heroine challenge the world of fashion and make everybody know about Juliette. Complete special goals to earn money, upgrade your shops and hire more assistants! If you try hard, New York City, Tokyo and Milan will open their podiums for you. Download Juliette's Fashion Empire absolutely for free to enjoy vivid artwork and addictive Time Management gameplay! Good luck!

Title - Juliette's Fashion Empire Game Download for PC Description - Get delighted with Juliette's Fashion Empire, a Time Management game launched by Alawar Entertainment. Create your own fashion collection and show it off the whole world!
Juliette's Fashion Empire game
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Glamor, chic and fashion feature an all-new Time Management game from Alawar Entertainment under the title Juliette’s Fashion Empire. Being a mixture of the Sally series and Jojo, this title also has you helping the young heroine to run her trendy boutiques... Read more

Juliette’s Fashion Empire offers 50 challenging levels which are all of an average plaing time for the genre. There only one game mode but this fact doesn’t take away too much from this title. To show off your taste and Time Management talents, you must travel to New York, Milan, Paris, London and Tokyo. Most levels in the installment involve simple and quite ordinary mini-games (choosing the correct accessories or make-up). The main idea of the game is to serve your customers, make them happy and, of course, to increase your income and up-grade your shops.

This is definitely a classical Time Management game where the pace time is extremely well-balanced. While the levels are challenging, they are not frustrating or annoying, and the upgrade system is rather motivating.   

Fortunately, the artwork is brilliant, too, create a nice trendy environment with fine animations and a pleasant soundtrack.

Sadly, the plot itself with all its intriguing potential turns out to be too predictable, each city-location is actually an exact copy of the one before.

Overall, Juliette’s Fashion Empire can easily appeal to fans of old-fashioned Time Management title. Although in this gaming experience you won’t get any new twist, it will still give you a few hours of nice gameplay. Good luck!

26, January 2012


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