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Leeloo's Talent Agency

Genre: Time Management

Lilu always wanted to work in a film industry, and now she has a perfect chance to realize it. Help her to manage a small actor’s studio in the outskirts of Los Angelis. To prepare actors for the casting you should introduce them with the script, make a perfect make-up, organize photo sessions and perform other duties. Become the most successful producer in the film industry with this fabulous game called Lilus Talent Agency!

Title - Leeloo's Talent Agency Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Take a look at Leeloo's Talent Agency, a Time Management game published by NevoSoft. Become the most successful producer in the film industry with this fabulous game called Lilus Talent Agency!
Leeloo's Talent Agency game




Leeloo’s Talent Agency is a fine mixture of two popular game genres by NevoSoft. Its innovative gameplay involves both time management and hidden object that has you casting actors and giving beginner stars a chance to show off their talent. .. Read more

As it has been already mentioned Leeloo’s Talent Agency game consists of two parts – the “casting” fast-paced section, and the “filming” I-spy section. You start with casting portion of the title, walking here and there, from person to person in order to serve them. Unlike similar time management issues, this game pretty much interesting and require multiple steps. For example, to make a good magazine shoot, firstly, you have to select the picture which shows the person to the best advantage. However, the developers did not ignore the main feature of these sorts of games: limited patience of the clients. No wonder, all actors and actresses are whimsical by nature! Usually there is no problem to keep your visitors happy, but still you should serve them promptly to increase your income.

In Leeloo’s Talent Agency, the hidden object portion is not challenging enough as much as the standard game of this genre. At least one item in every scene requires some extra steps to uncover. You are to find few objects (around half a dozen) by the means of unlimited hints. If you suppose that all hidden object scenes are clear, don’t be so positive! Honestly, some items are too tiny and too well hidden, so you will appreciate the hints.

All in all, Leeloo’s Talent Agency can boast its originality, though quite simple but fun to play. If you have spare hours and don’t know how to spend it, try this cute time management game.



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