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Little Folk of Faery

Set in a beautiful fantasy realm populated with leprechauns, pixies, dryads and other fairytale creatures. Help our magic creatures to save their world in the new interesting game Little Folk of Faery! You will meet four different villagers, and they can be trained in four different skills: exploration, knowledge, music, and nature. You should solve many mysteries and complete many difficult levels! You may download free the captivating game Little Folk of Faery and enjoy the interesting plot and delight graphic! Good luck!

Title - Little Folk of Faery Game Download for PC Description - Don't pass by Little Folk of Faery, a Time Management game generated by Kylotonn Entertainment. Help our magic creatures to save their world in the new interesting game!
Little Folk of Faery game
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If you are keen on such simulation games as Wild Tribe, Escape from Paradise, so Little Folk of Faery developed by Kylotonn Entertainment can be also appreciated by you. In fact, this game is close to the Virtual Villagers series, but it is certainly has better artwork and few twists to the genre... Read more

According to the main idea of the gameplay, you are to take care of a small community of faeries living at the base of the tree. Set in a wonderful fairy world populated with different magic creatures, Little Folk of Faery is full of visual highlights even as the gameplay itself is nothing outstanding. There you will have to deal with usual chores of sim games: care for the faeries folk, provide them with all necessary goods and facilities. But for the in-game quest tasks, the title would have been absolutely trite. So, these very quests will give you much more pleasure than just the routine sim work.  Still, the gameplay drags on very slowly and is abundant in unavoidable repetitiveness.

Another small pet peeve of Little Folk of Faery is the poor controls that complicate scrolling from one character to the next. There you are able to play tutorial level, though it does not cover some important peculiarities. Luckily, the graphics are pleasing and sound effects are not so distracting or tedious.

In spite of this fact that the gameplay doesn’t have quite the same amount of depth as some of its brother games, the title is quite relaxing and nice. If you have nothing to do, try this game just for a change or for the sake of mere curiosity.

1, April 2010


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