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Lost Secrets: November 1963

Genre: Hidden Object

Travel to Texas of 1963 and uncover the mysterious case in new exciting Hidden Object game under the title Lost Secrets: November 1963! Take on the role of the Lainey Wells and find out what could President Kennedy's assassin named Dallas and a pink bear have in common. Go in Dealey Plaza and uncover the chocking truth. Solve a variety of puzzles, play mini-games, overcome all obstacles and save the day! Download Lost Secrets: November 1963 right now and start this fascinating investigation. Best of luck!

Title - Lost Secrets: November 1963 Game Download for PC and Mac Description - Take a look at Lost Secrets: November 1963, a Hidden Object game produced by GameMill Entertainment. Reveal some new facts about the death of Kennedy!


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Lost Secrets: November 1963 game

Lost Secrets: November 1963

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Many people love to think about some conspiracies and to believe that there is something else going on besides what we are told. If you are one of the conspiracy theories’ believer, than you absolutely must try out this brand new game coming to us from the developing team called GameMill Entertainment! This game is called Lost Secrets: November 1963 and as you had probably guessed, it has something to do with the murder of J. F. Kennedy! But to see what exactly, you will have to try this incredible game and read this review!.. Read more

The storyline in this game which is called Lost Secrets: November 1963 is exactly what makes it so easily recognized as a Hidden Object game with some Adventure and Puzzle elements: its plot has some supernatural elements! So, the story goes like this: You are taking the role of Lainey Wells, who wasn’t even born at the moment of the assassination, but her mother was. She was a little girl back then, and in the panicking mass, she lost her teddy bear… Now, after many years of all that chaos, Lainey Wells has some strange and vivid visions about the day of the murder of JFK. She feels as if she will go crazy if she does not investigate, so she goes to Dallas to find out the truth. On her quest, she visits the police station when Oswald was shot, the Oval Office and many other famous and interesting places and settings. This is what makes a very special atmosphere in the game and makes it unbelievably realistic.

The second feature of Lost Secrets: November 1963 which we will gladly review is its gameplay! What is very good in this Hidden Object game is that there will be many Hidden Object scenes to keep you busy, and also you will be challenged by many puzzles which will make your brain think hard! So longer gameplay time is also present! Some of these things can be really challenging, so you better get ready! However, if you are afraid that it might be a bit too hard for you, then you can choose the easier of two difficulty levels, which affects how fast hints and skip buttons recharge. Remember, they might be useful to you if you get stuck somewhere. Don’t worry, all Hidden Object scenes will be carefully marked by sparkles, so you will not miss any of them. In these Hidden Object scenes you will search for a variety of objects from the list, also using some of them later in the puzzles. All the scene you visit will be important for you progress, so search them thoroughly. As for the puzzles and mini games in this great game, they are pretty standard, nothing really new and innovative, but they will still be very fun to play and enjoy. If nothing else, they might assure it is a game worth downloading and playing the free trial version, moreover, it might be a game worth purchasing and playing the full version!

Graphics and music in Lost Secrets: November 1963 are really great, and their mixture creates and indescribable atmosphere in the game! Graphics are almost real life, they have realistic locations and they are neatly organized, whereas the music creates a magic ambient.

To conclude, Lost Secrets: November 1963 is a great Hidden Object game with some Adventure and Puzzle elements in it, and it will certainly show you that if you are a big fan of conspiracy theories this game with its immersive storyline, great gameplay, intuitive storyline and motivational music this game is a real deal! Enjoy it and tell everybody about it! 

27, November 2012



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