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Megastore Madness

Genre: Time Management

Megastore is a place where you can buy almost everything from car tires, socks and computers, to underwear and ravioli. Megastore Madness is a time management game that offers you to run one of those sale's monsters. Your task here is to keep the shelves full and the customers satisfied. If you see that one of the customers is glowing red, you should help him immediately, otherwise he will leave your shop and you will loose money. Have a good time!

Title - Megastore Madness Game Download for PC Description - Take a break with Megastore Madness, a Time Management game developed by Big Blue Bubble. Your task here is to keep the shelves full and the customers satisfied!
Megastore Madness game
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Megastore Madness is a new time management game from Big Blue Bubble Company. Here you can try yourself as a store manager. According to the title you can assume that the store you are going to run is incredibly huge, but it’s not exactly true. Probably the developers of the game have never been in a real megastore, that’s why their creation looks more like a rural supermarket... Read more

The game offers you classic version of time management gameplay, without any modifications, original bonuses or power-ups. Your main goals are to keep the shelves filled with goods, to help your customers find what they are looking for, and operate a cash register. Everything is rather simple. The question is whether it is good or not.

All similar games have an option which allows you to spend your revenue on buying new equipment and decorational items, employing new stuff and so on. In Megastore Madness all the upgrades are given to you automatically, which is really upsetting, cause spending money is always the most interesting part of the gameplay.

The game suffers overall lack of variety and poor replayability, but still some people might find Megastore’s gameplay very addictive. We can recommend this game to those who are new to the genre of time management and of course to the real fans of it. We hope the game will find its gamers!

4, September 2009


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