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Midnight Castle game

Midnight Castle

Genre: Hidden Object

You've inherited a castle! Encounter mysterious characters and explore hidden object scenes as you uncover the secrets of the Midnight Castle! To unveil the castle's mysteries: FIND HIDDEN OBJECTS TO UNLOCK THE MYSTERY CHAMBER! COLLECT INGREDIENTS & BECOME A CRAFTING MASTER! EARN HUNDREDS OF CHALLENGING ACHIEVEMENTS!




Greetings, loved ones! Let’s take a journey to Midnight Castle – stunning hidden object game with many twists, unoriginal but intriguing storyline, beautiful graphics and quiet pleasant background music. Developers from Elephant Games did their best to make an impression. You definitely will not forget about this game. Let’s look at it in details now... Read more

In this game you need to reveal the truth behind some mysterious castle that your uncle gave to you before he passed away. As said, a storyline like this is nothing new and rare but the more you go through the game, the more interesting it gets. Complete the quests, search for the specific items and when you have them all you open special locations where you can get the objects that will help you enter the castle.

You will have to interact with various characters on your way and they always promise to help you with your tasks. But keep in mind you must do something for them first. For example find a particular item which is uncovered by completing this or that hidden object scene. Creators came up with something particularly new – the “cooldown” period. The moment you finish a scene it becomes impossible to keep playing. You’ve got two options: you can wait for the scene to appear again or spend some of your crystals to continue playing.

Midnight Castle is truly a fantastic game with unique characters and entertaining story to play through. Some scenes are mesmerizing and leave the players speechless. Relaxing music makes it all even a better experience.

We strongly recommend you to get this free game and even if you find it boring from the start, you will stick with it later and won’t be able to stop. Good luck!